littol diary

i am so excited for fall and halloween it isnt even funny
anyways, moving in with my mom was a good idea i think..
since then i've dyed my hair half black and half green LOL..wwww
might go protesting on friday but idk yet o.O

ahhhhhh man. the past few days have been kinda crazy... i moved out of my dads house yesterday. i still have some things to get but we'll do that some other time. and now im living with my mom. and honestly its a lot better than being at my dads. i do feel kinda bad though. ive talked to a bunch of people about it and they say its just coz hes so manipulative. and he is my dad so of course id have some kind of remorse for him.
anyways, another thing that happened today actually is my ex found my spam/vent acc on instagram O__O and......... ugh. i had written on one of my posts about how i was nervous to go back because she's there.
its a really long story but we dated for 3 years and she pretty much cheated on me and broke up with me so needless to say im not very fond of her??
but apparently she saw it, and got in contact with one of my friends so she could talk to me about it.
she said she doesn't want any hard feelings and she thinks itd be cool if we could be friends... and i dont really want that haha..
i just said the minimum, and she...... ended up following my on my art account.
she tried to follow my spam too but i privated it right before she could. lol
and lately ive been doing a lot of really deep thinking. about life and stuff idk
i think living with my mom will be a fresh start.
i hope its worth it in the end

today i got to hang out with my friends!!! i wont say their names for privacy but theyre super cool (:
we hung out at the park and then we went to 7/11....
my friends mom works there and she let us have free slushies (shh dont tell anyone) and there was an energy drink slushy so i had 2 LOL... 69mg of caffine each so... ya im gonna crash hard LOL
we also walked around the cemetery and listened to 100 gecs so that was super cool!!
then i got home and my takashi murakami pop socket finally arrived 🥺

super cute right!!? and it was only 3 dollars omg........
i have a murakami flower necklace coming soon too (: super excited.....
also i think im doing online school this year ;__;, i dont actually mind but i wanted to make more friends lol...
o well!

yay!!! i got my hair cut... >__<
heres a photo of me now (:<

hehe hi there
im working hard on my site today!
im getting a haircut tomorrow and im really nervous ahhhh