im this idiot over here --->
my namez jack. im a ghost.
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welcome to my cemetary. im the webmaster and the sexton here... although im currently residing as a ghost.

this is my personal site for blogging, graphics collection, and just for fun.
i do hope you'll take a look around...

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about -- shrines -- digital diaries -- guestbook -- cemetary map

aug 19: links added to cemetary map (lost.html) / digital diaries (diarydirectory.html) is now up! delve into my mind if u want idc lol..... ☆ ★ aug 13: links should be back up! still working on completing some parts of the site ^__^ <3 ☆ ★ aug 9: username change hikikomorigrave --> vampirecore / doing this broke all my links and i dont have my laptop so bare with my site for a few days... / the visitor count reset as well so augh... ☆ ★ aug 1: site map started! (lost.html) / planning dream journal ☆ ★ july 26: complete site revamp babes ^_^ / thank u for 100+ pageviews!